When I first came to El Salvador, in 2011, from peaceful Nicaragua, I was terrified. I did know it was the most or second most violent country in the world (outside of a war-zone), but when I started the read the papers and about massacres of school-kids in the neighbouring village…. The only way to calm myself down was to stop reading the very sensationalist papers and study the phenomenon more. And to write about it. And I found out about many things.

The most important finding was that the violence was a sympthom of something – or of many other things. Violence is also subject to place, time and persons involved. I, for instance, was in no danger.

Then came the so called truce between the two biggest gangs, maras, in March of 2012. And apart from astonishing results – 50% less murders – there were other positive results,  new findings and new questions: how come the truce is so unpopular? why so much secrecy around it? who should take the responsability of negotions with “criminals”? its outcomes? and are the maras to be considered criminals? And many other things.

I know much more now!

Read the articles – if you understand the Nordic languages!

Or read posts related to the peace-process in English:

Two marches – two messages “El Mentiroso”, El Negro”, and the others
More questions than answers
Amazing mobilization for peace
The police who are where the people are

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