Izaya is nahuatl, one of the original languages of Central America, and means “open your eyes”.

Originally I created this blog namely to give glimpses of an eye of Central America, a region where I lived for many years, with texts and pictures.

Now my basis is my native Finland, or, more in specific, the island of Åland, where I have family-roots.

But my mission is still the same: To give a picture of where I live – or work or travel – with texts and photos.

I am a freelance journalist/content-writer with a passion for pictures, photo-journalism being my favourite genre.

Most of the pictures in this blog were taken with quite rudimentary equipment. Now I have upgraded but I still use the same mirrorless technology, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

My aim is to post inspiring photos and interesting texts in the near future!

Download my CV (in Swedish) here. See my productions here.