Izaya is nahuatl, one of the original languages  of Central America,  and means “open your eyes”.

Eyes can be perceived both literally and symbolically, and I try to give glimpses of an eye of the region, with texts and pictures.

I am Erika Brenner, and I have lived in Central America for 13 years, first working as a journalist and communications worker for for the Nordic NGO´s MS and SAL,  respectively. The past few years I have been independent. Have a look at my work here.

At the moment my base is Nicaragua, but I have my other leg in El Salvador, where I lived for five years. Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala are right around the corner in this small region.

Besides writing and taking pics, I also take care of visitors and delegations, whether professionals, tourists or friends.

Belonging to the Swedish minority of Finland, I speak both Swedish and Finnish. I am also fluent in Danish as well as in English and Spanish. I not only speak and write in these languages, but also translate between them, and proofread translations.

Download my cv here (pdf), my translatior´s cv here (pdf).

Photos: I like photos. If there is a photo-exhibition nearby, I am a sure visitor, I look at old family-albums with pleasure if I visit aunt Emma. I like old pictures and new, artsy, nature- and documentary-photos. The latter, or photo-journalism, is my favorite, in special if with people in the centre.

I  find it the most interesting genre – what is more interesting than people? But also the most difficult – what is more difficult than people?

In the left side-bar I have some collections of pics. It will be updated regularly.

Below you find Photo Stories where the pictures are the protagonists of a story. A photo or various intrigue me, whether beautiful, funny or, perhaps,  just tell a good story! It could also be the other way around: a good story and some pictures.

Hopefully something can function as an eye-opener towards a forgotten, but beautiful and very interesting  region.