Most Nicaraguans want a change – but a peaceful one

Today we woke up to an almost “normal” Nicaragua. The kids are back in school, the supermarkets and the banks are open and most of the public institutions have supposedly been working normally. Traffic in Managua is calm – perhaps calmer than usual…? (Calm before the storm: no, no, no!!!).
The Catholic hierarchy has appointed Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes and bishops Rolando Alvarez and Silvio Báez, auxiliary bishop of Managua, to be guarantees of a national dialogue.

COSEP, the powerful association of the employers and business-life, has not defined its participants in the negotiation, neither has the government.

Supposedly the protagonists, the students, will participate as well. Small merchants, represented by CONIMIPYME, want to be part of the dialogue as well. Many other have shown interest in participating, including political parties from the opposition.

In the midst of it all, I see two tendencies:

– Society is extremely polarized and everyone is attacking everyone: in media, social media, within families – everywhere – people are judging and accusing each other, there are lots of fake news from all sides, and people are confused.

But after a week of chaos, violence – anarchy – we have a peaceful day, something like a hung-over, and questions like the following arise:

– Would we have to change the Constitution?
– Or will society collapse?
– Does everyone have the responsibility?
– What would be the alternative?
– What did we do wrong?

Because it seems as if the young do think that the older generation, the political parties, and the intellectuals have done nothing else but reproduce a political culture that does not work.

I will try to get closer to an answer to that question the following days.


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