Raúl Mijango

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Perhaps someone would have talked about a death foretold. But the impossible and perhaps predictable happened. Raúl Mijango, the intireable peace-mediator in El Salvador was imprisoned earlier this month together with a group of other persons involved in the so-called gang-truce 2012-2013 in El Salvador.

For those who know something about the truce, Mr. Mijango needs no presentation. For those who don´t , this article gives a good presentation of a brave man who did everything to bring more security and peace to his country: “The wars of Mijango” (In Spanish).

Earlier today I read a fresh Harvard University article on the situation in El Salvador: . Quite a sober article but no mentions of Mijango and the recent development, nor quotes of local specialists of which there are many.

Monday there is a mobilization in favor of the release of Mijango in San Salvador and I wish I could attend.

I have had the honor of meeting this grande man several times, both in professional terms as a journalist, but mainly in informal conversations with friends we have in common and he has always impressed me in terms of his visions and very humane and peaceful approach to the severe problems of his country. He also made an impact as a relaxed, friendly and funny person who wanted to take some distance from the country´s – and his own – severe situation a fresh Sunday afternoon under the shade of an avocado-tree.

I am with you, Raúl. It seems as if the ones who raise the voices of the ones without rights get muzzled. And we don´t  have to go far in history to remember that, with Oscar Arnulfo Romero fresh in mind.

Hereby sharing some old and pretty lousy pictures of my encounters with Raúl. And wishing him good luck and strength in his never-ending fight for justice, security and human rights in El Salvador.

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