The last weavers

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The man on the picture above might be one of the last weavers of San Sebastián, a small town some 50 kilometres outside of San Salvador.

San Sebastián is legendary for its weavings. In the 1930:s, President  General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez ordered that all textile equipment for the military, be it uniforms, bed clothing or hammocks, should come from this town. But the production reduced drastically after the war with Honduras and the civil war (1980-92).

From having had a weavery in every second house, San Sebastián only has a few workshops left.

The Salvadoran Institute for Tourism is trying to promote the town for tourism. But if  this man, along with the other weavers from San Sebastián, goes on earning only a couple of dollars a day for very heavy work, weaving high cuality cotton canvas in bright colours, visitors will soon have few things to go for in Sebastián.
– The young generation prefers the US to the looms, the man told me.
– I am probably one of the the last weavers of San Sebastián.

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